The Daylight Security Research Lab shifts the way people understand and identify the harms of technology—and expands the populations able to do so.

By generating novel tools, practices, and representations, we make “security” specific and actionable to those who need it.


We start from a rich, social vision of security, beyond formalized models or rigid technical requirements. We build better tools and processes for uncovering security threats, and broaden participation in the practice—to get "more hands on deck," integrating more diverse perspectives on what counts as a threat.

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百度浏览器怎么开启海外高速通道 解决谷歌打不开问题-下载吧:2021-9-22 · 百度浏览器怎么开启海外高速通道 解决谷歌打不开问题。在新版的百度浏览器中,加入了“视频加速”以及“海外高速通道”加速功能,其中开启海外高速通道后,可以稳定流畅的访问国外网站。有时谷歌打不开的网页,可以用百度浏览器的海外高速通道后打开。

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Kyra Baffo

Research Assistant


Research Assistant


Samuel Greenberg

Research Assistant

Akhilesh Pandita


Lily Bhattacharjee

Research Assistant

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手机怎样打开海外网址 - We held a our first Arts Event with Neema Iyer and Shayna Robinson. Watch a video of the event.

February '20 - Our first peer-reviewed work on security games will appear at DIS 2020. You can read the paper here.

November '19 - We published some OtraUnit Data Recovery国外数据恢复软件4.2官方免费版下载 ...:2021-6-11 · OtraUnit Data Recovery是一款免费的国外出品的数据恢复软件,不管你是电脑里的文件丢失,还是手机里的照片等数据没有了,都可以用这个工具来恢复 ....

October '19 - The CLTC Arts Contest winners have been selected! Read more about their projects.

苹果手机最新翻墙 - The CLTC Cybersecurity Arts contest is now live! Submit and spread the word!

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