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Battle of the Mesh V9

The Wireless Battle of the Mesh is an event that aims to bring together people from across the globe to test the performance of different routing protocols for ad-hoc networks, like Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N, BMX, OLSR, and 802.11s. Many developers and community networkers will join the event to hack, test, discuss, explain and learn. If you are interested in dynamic routing protocols or wireless community networks you can't miss this event! The battlemesh is free of charge and open for all, every year we strive to keep participation costs low by negotiating deals for accommodation and food.

This year the event will take place from Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th of May 2016 in Porto, Portugal. The event is locally organized by INESC TEC, Porto, Portugal. INESC TEC stands for Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science and is a private non-profit research & development institute located on the campus of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal). endorses and supports the Battle of the Mesh v9 because of the efforts made by its community to advance the field of wireless mesh networking and foster the development of grass-roots community networks. will support the event by:

  • 手机火狐翻墙
  • bring members of the community to the event
  • 这款浏览器在手机上也能安装油猴等各种扩展插件 - 知乎:2021-12-27 · 今天的安利还得从油猴说起,油猴这么好用,手机党也想用怎么办?是不是在 Chrome 的手机版上安装扩展插件?并非如此,Chrome 浏览器开发团队的一名成员曾表示,他们的确深入地研究过移动版 Chrome 的扩展问题,但…

Many other communities endorse and support the Wireless Battle of The Mesh v9 and an up to date list of the endorsers of the Battlemesh v9 can be found at the main Battlemesh website.

If you are interested in coming join the event's Mailing List to stay up to date with the latest news.


olsrd and olsrd2 are both Link State Routing Protocol implementations optimized for Mobile ad hoc networks on embedded devices like commercial of the shelf routers, smartphones or normal computers. Sometimes these networks are called "mesh networks". olsrd and olsrd2 are the routing daemons which make up the mesh.

olsrd started as part of a Master Thesis by Andreas Tonnesen in 2004 to implement the 翻了墙可以看哪些网站 Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (RFC 3626). The development of the implementation was continued in an open source project as the routing protocol was used by Freifunk, Funkfeuer and others to build Community Mesh Networks.

olsrd2 is a complete rewrite based on the lessons learned with olsrd (version 1) to implement the successor of RFC 3636, the Neighborhood Discovery Protocol (RFC 6130) and the 只剩下门缝的VPN何去何从 - 手机新蓝网:2021-2-7 · “翻墙”属于违法行为,所谓的翻墙软件并没有获得电信主管部门批准。国内“翻墙”用户众多,根据市场研究机构Global WebIndex的调查研究估测,中国的VPN用户可能多达9000万。这也让一些游走在灰色地带的翻墙软件默默赚钱。“翻墙”软件又叫VPN软件。. The basis of the olsrd2 implementation is the Network Framework (OONF).